My Minecraft Mansion

17 Mar

Well for a few months i have been playing this really cool

game called Minecraft.

It’s a game where you have blocks like..







Wood planks

and a lot more.

Well you can build anything you can think off.

Make little towns .

It’s really fun i think you  should try it.

Here are some pics of My Minecraft Mansion…..


White belt yellow stripe (9’th cup)

12 Feb

On Feb 10 me and my little brother got

our white belt yellow stripe in Taekwondo at seung-ni

this is a list of  the belts in Taekwondo

White belt

White belt yellow stripe

yellow belt

yellow belt green stripe

green belt

green belt blue stripe

blue belt

blue belt red stripe

red belt

red belt black stripe

black belt

And here are some of the pic’s


7 Dec

Hello i am very sorry everyone that i havent made a post in a very long time.

It is that we have been running around a lot lately beacause of Thanksgiving and we just have started decorating for christmas and all.

Today I went down to the pond to check up on it. When I went it was 29 0 F  so I supposed it would be frozen when we got down there.  Oh yeah there was ice all right, less then a quarter inch and the so called “ice” only went out a foot and when we where touching the “ice”  it would  just crumble in our hands so I am still waiting for it to freeze so I can skate.

Here is the christmas tree……..

Rain rain go away

23 Oct

I have no good post so far because it’s been raining over and over but there is a sign there will be much more frogs in the pond because we found the first “poly wogs”

We just started catching these for about 3 days all you have to do to catch is scoop your net in the muck at the pond.

We also had to stop by the pumpkin patch down the road and this is my first year to carve a white pumpkin.  They are for sure the thickest. This is my freaky ghost pumpkin.

But my top didn’t  fit so now it a freaky ghost pumpkin with a hat.

Maybe my next post it wont be raining.

A starting post

20 Oct

Hello if you read my About  you would know what I like to do, what I want to do and more.

My blog will mostly be about fish, me cleaning them, and cooking them and my secrets of catching them.

So I just wrote this post so it’s like an introduction, I hope you like my blog.